Philanthropy & Giving

<b>How we give back</b>

How we give back

Running a business – especially a small business – is about more than profit and loss.  It’s about contributing to the health of the community and being a good neighbor. That’s why we make giving back an integral part of our business practice.    

Our philosophy is to give generously and consistently to the community we serve and to which we owe so much of our success – in business and in life. 

We are proud to support these organizations and charities. 

Family Service

Family Service

Family Service has been helping our neighbors in need for more than 112 years. Our organization is one of the longest serving nonprofit organizations in the state of Montana. This tenure speaks highly of our community and how we come together to care for one another.

The methods used to deliver help have certainly changed over the years, but our central core beliefs remain the same:


A better life is possible for our neighbors in need


Family Service prevents hunger, homelessness and poverty in Yellowstone County and surrounding areas through community involvement.


HOPE: It’s possible to imagine and achieve a better life.
COMPASSION: Those struggling deserve the chance for a new beginning.
DIGNITY: Individual autonomy is the foundation for positive choices.
RESPECT: We accept people for who they are and where they’re at in their lives.
COLLABORATION: Alleviating poverty is a community-wide investment.

Eagle Mount - Billings

Eagle Mount - Billings

Eagle Mount provides recreational opportunities for kids and adults with disabilities.

Family Tree Center

Family Tree Center

Mission & Values

The Family Tree Center is committed to the prevention of all types of child abuse and neglect in Yellowstone County and the surrounding area.

Our Vision

To support, strengthen and educate children and families in ways that enhance their growth and well-being: to stop the hurt before it happens.

Our Values

-We believe that every child deserves the best possible start in life.

-We believe in addressing problems early on before they require costly intervention.

-We believe that every family needs support, and that support is most effective early on in a child’s life.

-We believe that violence need to be addressed at every level of society.

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